The Cast

Alisa Bowens-Mercado

Alisa Bowens-Mercado is the owner and brew-master of Rhythm Brewing Company in New Haven, Connecticut. She is the first Black beer brand owner, female or male, from her state. Alisa is also a professional Latin-American dancer and instructor, and for the past twenty years, has owned and operated her own dance studio, Alisa’s House of Salsa.​

Huston Lett

Huston Lett is the co-owner and head brewer of Bastet Brewing, one of the few Black-owned breweries in the state of Florida and the newest addition to Tampa Bay’s craft beer scene. Before starting his brewing journey, he was an aspiring artist and earned a college degree in graphic design and worked as a professional designer for over twenty years.

Jon Renthrope

Jon Renthrope is the CEO and brewmaster of Cajun Fire Brewing Company in New Orleans, Louisiana. Established in 2011, Cajun Fire is the first Black-owned brewery in the American South. As a cultural ambassador, Jon is an integral part of the New Orleans small business community. He is working toward opening a new brewing facility and cultural hub in Eastern New Orleans, an area largely abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.

Additional Cast

Corey Hinton

Soul Brothers Brewing Co.

Ale Sharpton

Craft beer authority/

Latiesha Cook

President/CEO, Beer Kulture

J. Jackson-Beckham

Founder/ Executive Director, Craft x EDU

Sean Nordquist

Executive Director, Florida Brewers Guild

Day Bracey

Co-Host, Drinking Partners

Ed bailey

Co-Host, Drinking Partners

Khris Johnson

Co-Owner/Head Brewer, Green Bench Brewing Co. 

Teri Fahrendorf

Founder, Pink Boots Society

Leo Sawadogo

Co-Owner/Brewer, Montclair Brewery

Celeste Beatty

Founder/Brewer, Harlem Brewing Co.

Garrett Oliver

Brewmaster, Brooklyn Brewery

Chris Harris

Owner/Brewer, Black Frog Brewery

Tom Ross

Co-Owner, Bastet Brewing

Shannon Harris

Owner/Brewer, Urban Jungle Brewing

Shaun P. Harris Sr.

Owner/Brewmaster, Harris Family Brewery

Mengistu Koilor

Owner/Brewer, Two Locals Brewing Co.

Kevin Irvin

Co-Founder, Leaders of the Brew School

Isaiah Smith

Co-Founder, Leaders of the Brew School

Mike Potter

Founder/CEO, Black Brew Culture

Kevin Walter

Co-Founder, Love City Brewing