Brewing ‘One Pint’

Aaron Hosé, Director: “Several years ago, on a whim my wife and I decided to visit Asheville, North Carolina, one of the few places to carry the moniker “Beer City USA”. I was never much of a beer drinker, but all of that changed one night when I was introduced to a series of mouth-watering brews. In particular, the Farmer Ted’s Cream Ale from Catawba Brewing Company permanently changed the way I would approach beer. The “craft beer bug” had officially bitten me.

After Asheville, discovering new craft breweries became an adventure for us and a major part of our seasonal vacations and sporadic road trips. As much as we enjoyed drinking new beers, we quickly noticed just how homogenous these brewing spaces are. Among the clientele, brewing staff, and management, we were often the only–or among the few–people of color inside taprooms. Over time, the more aware I became of how “white” craft beer was, the more uncomfortable I felt. If craft breweries were presenting themselves as “a place to build community” and “a safe space for all,” then why isn’t everyone represented here?

My curiosity and desire to understand the lack of diversity within the craft beer industry led me to create One Pint at a Time. While there is an extensive European legacy tied to beer-making, the reality is that beer has a far broader history rooted in the African continent. My goal is to tell those stories in craft beer that have been ignored because of society’s preconceived notions of “who” typically makes and drinks beer. For four years, we filmed Black brewers as they fought past discriminatory and financial hurdles to make a name for themselves within a multi-billion-dollar industry where they share less than 1% of annual earnings.

Ultimately, I hope this film can act as a mirror for breweries and inspire them to take those actions necessary to make their industry more inclusive and equitable across the board. For those people of color who love craft beer and are considering it as a career, know that there are folks out there today who are clearing the way for your future success. Their journey is not about demanding a seat at the table, but about building their own table where others who look like them can have an easier path to walk… a table where everyone is welcome.”