Film Threat gives One Pint at a Time a “9 out of 10”!

Brewing beer has been around for thousands of years. Within the past decade, the craft beer business has been on the rise, with micro-breweries popping up in nearly every location that it’s possible to fit a brewing system in. Most of the business is predominantly owned by white males, with minorities and women only making up a tiny portion of brewery owners. Less than one percent of the brewing industry is black-owned, but some breweries are trying to change that.

One Pint at a Time is a documentary that follows three black brewing masters who are trying to break into the industry they love. Writer/director Aaron Hosé introduces us to Alisa Bowens-Mercado, owner and master brewer of Rhythm Brewing Company; Huston Lett, co-owner and head brewer of Bastet Brewing; and Jon Renthrope, CEO and brewmaster of Cajun Fire Brewing. They tell of how they managed to break into the business. While each of them went on a unique path, all of their stories have one thing in common: they have the same struggle of being a minority in a white-dominated business.